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Some of these definitions are amusing and truthful, while others are somewhat derogatory and offensive.


Urban Dictionary describes itself as "the dictionary you wrote." We looked up the word Suisun City on the popular website and found one entry. Do you find it amusing, truthful, offensive, or all of the above? 

Here's the definition. Feel free to define Suisun City yourself in the comments below this story: 

Suisun City is  tiny little town on the outskirts of Fairfiled CA, Surrounded by Grizzly Island. Thanks to the nightly breeze, and the hot temperatures in the summer, citizens have grown comfortable with the rich (but rather pungent) smell of the Budweiser Factory. Another smell citizens have become accustomed to is the rising and lowering of the marshland water, which can only be simular to the smell of barbequed baby diapers. The town has been struggling to keep up appearances and attempting to keep down crime rates during economic struggle. Suisun is a quickly growing city, however, seems every month a new gas station or fast food chain is moving in. Walmart has also tried to move in a superstore location (with much public controversy). Downtown Suisun, is Truly the highlight of the small no-where town. With a nice new view of the Suisun Slough from the newly updated walkways and grassy benches. With its charming and rather vintage neighboroods, and unique dining selection more and more people find themselves going to the historical waterfront. Suisun dates all the way back to the mid 1800's, and it is easy to see why it is still thriving.EX: "Where are we?.....Suisun City??".

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