The Dynamic Duo Has Arrived!

And we're not talking superheroes.

The Lawler House Gallery in Suisun will be premiering their exhibit “Dynamic Duo” this Saturday, November 3rd from 5-8 pm.

Duo, as described by Manager Ken Chew, can mean “pairs, twins, repeats, two of a kind, contrasts or even diptych.”  Chew goes on to say that themes “push their artist to use terms to do something.” 

Exhibit themes are decided on by fellow artists who also double as committee members.  They are encouraged to take the theme and interpret it in their own way, in their desired medium.  Each artist may have two to three pieces for any exhibit, depending on the number of artist’s showing.  Past themes have included Spirits and Symbols and the Magic of Nature.

Gourds are currently one of the most popular mediums.  These are created by Barbara Marshall who was inspired by the Hawaiian gourd or “ipu” when she lived on Oahu.  She writes that “For me gourds are the perfect surface for painting, wood burning, carving and embellishing.”  Barbara offered gourd classes at Lawler House earlier this month.

The Gallery is regularly open Friday through Sunday from 12-4 pm.  Pieces featured in the gallery are available for purchase.  In addition, there is a gift shop in the gallery.

The Lawler House Gallery is operated and maintained by its artists.  They are limited to 30 members who select, screen, interview and vote on any new members.  According to Chew, it is their “responsibility to bring quality art to Suisun.”

For more information, visit http://www.lawlerhousegallery.org.

And fyi…

The Lawler House is the oldest surviving home in Suisun City.

The original two-story ranch home was built around 1856.  John Lawler purchased the home in 1947 and had it remodeled. 

In 1948, vandals broke into the home and destroyed many valuable features.  When the City of Suisun threatened to demolish the house, the organization “Preserve All Solano Treasures” or PAST, was formed to save the house.

In 1979, the house was moved to its current location at 718 Main St.  It underwent another renovation and served as home to a few small businesses over the years.

In 2009, the City of Suisun “gifted” the Lawler Home to a collaboration of artists who would display their work at the newly established “Lawler House Gallery”.  Only ten percent of all Lawler House Gallery sales are used to maintain the property.


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