Gas Prices Around Suisun City

Find the cheapest gas, or the price of gas at your favorite filling station.

Gas prices are heading lower, this week at least. It's probably a brief respite, given that summer is appraoching. Yet for now there are places in town where a gallon of gas is below $4. Please note that the prices listed are for regular grade and for cash. There may be an additional charge for credit or debit cards. Prices listed are from Gasbuddy.com, where users input prices as they see them. If you see a price different from what's listed here, tell us in the comments and list the updated price.

Bonfare — 1500 Petersen Road/ Walter Road

3.83 per gallon

Arco — Marina Blvd./Hwy 12

3.89 per gallon

76 — Sunset Center off Hwy 12

4.05 per gallon

Chevron — Sunset Center off Hwy 12

4.07 per gallon

7 Eleven — Sunset Ave./ Pintail Drive

4.09 per gallon

Chevron — Anderson Drive and Lawler Center Drive

4.09 per gallon

Shell — Sunset Ave./Hwy 12

4.19 per gallon



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