Gas Prices in Suisun City

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For those of us who have to drive, our eyes are forever focused on ever rising gas prices.

It doesn't matter if we are going to and from work, dropping off or picking the kids up from school, or even going about the daily business of our lives.

Let's face it. We all rely on our vehicles to get from Point A to Point B and back. But lately, it has been getting pretty pricey to do that.

Gasbuddy.com is a great resource for finding gas prices that may be a little less painful at the pump. But, the prices below are based on the cash price of regular gas and the information may have changed since it was originally posted on the Internet.

Flyers-Sunrise Avenue/Rio Vista Road

$4.39 per gallon

Bonafare- Petersen Road/Walters Road

$4.39 per gallon

Arco-Marina Boulevard/Buena Vista Avenue

$4.39 per gallon

7-Eleven-Sunset Avenue/Pintail Drive

$4.49 per gallon

Tower-Suisun Valley Road/Rockville Raod

$4.54 per gallon

76-Sunset Avenue/Rio Vista Road

$4.57 per gallon

Chevron-Anderson Drive/Lawler Center Drive

$4.59 per gallon

Chevron-Sunset Center/Rio Vista Road

$4.69 per gallon











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