MAP: Here are the Best Cell Phone Providers in Suisun City

Who is your provider? Are you satisfied, or are you frustrated? Why?

Last week we asked Suisun City residents about their cell phone providers in hopes of finding out how satisfied you are with your coverage. We've featured some of your answers at the bottom of this story. 

INTERACTIVE MAP OF SUISUN CITY COVERAGE - This map was provided by OpenSignal -- a website that maps cell phone coverage around the world. Zoom in and out to check the reliability of coverage in the Suisun City and Fairfield areas. 

Here's what you guys had to say about your coverage in town. Share more thoughts below:  

  • DAVID CASEY: There are times that I feel we do not have a strong signal to the towers in the Suisun City area. Calls sometimes "drop" and you lose contact with your other party ... I changed my service from AT&T today to T-Mobile because they gave me a much cheaper rate for my two iPhones and I do not have to pay extra for unlimited data use, texting, etc.
  • waterfront resident: AT&T is terrible at the waterfront - they told me to get a micro-tower, which I did - I still can't get decent reception in my home office which is only 50 feet away from the micro-tower!
  • Rick Stonestreet: AT&T offers much for the iPhone but the reception for the "big boy" on the block is not great. I think we need more towers here since our area is outside of Sacramento and SFO where we do much of our business
  • Kathy: We agree!
  • MICHAEL P WILSON "Republican Kid": I have Verizon it is great In SC and FF
  • alan: We have AT&T and are satisfied with the coverage in Suisun, Fairfield and at Travis.
  • Kathy: We use ATT, we have had many dropped calls in every room in our house. We complained and asked for an atena booster for our phones & they told us we have good reception in our area & would not ... We were told we must have a lot of concrete & steele around us, we live in Quail Glen, in a wood frame house as are the houses around us. The nearest cell tower was in Sunset Center not far from us but we do not see a tower in Sunset Center, maybe it is hidden, but we continue eo have problems. We only have one bar showing on our phone, go figure!!
Phil January 17, 2013 at 05:22 PM
T-Mobile sucks too. 4G in living room, 2G in rest of house, and no service downstairs at all most of the time.
Jake Ostler March 29, 2013 at 05:33 PM
Is att the same as the bell stores. I got my service through the Bell - Lawrence West store and have loved the service. I like it because you can talk on the phone and surf the internet at the same time. (http://storelocator.bell.ca/bellca/en/ON/North-York/Bell-Lawrence-West/BE258)


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