Would You Buy the World's Largest TV?

Sharp's new 90-inch LED television and Panasonic's 152-inch plasma offer mammoth viewing options. Putting the price tags aside... would you own one if you could?

While many electronics keep getting smaller, the size of America's beloved television keeps on growing. 

Sharp is about to release a giant, with a new 90-inch TV heading for store shelves right now, according to TG Daily. The 141-pound LED TV will be the world's largest commercially available LED set and costs just shy of $11,000. 

The high-definition, 1080p model, known by its technical name of LC-90LE745U, is also WiFi enabled and 3D. 

While a six-by-four-foot television is certainly impressive, it pales in comparision to Panasonic's 152-inch plasma, which went on the market in 2010 for the mind-warping sum of $500,000.

So, how does your set compare to the big guys? Would you opt for a titanic TV if you could? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Scott Yeager June 22, 2012 at 10:25 PM
The plasma at that size doesn't look good at all. I have seen a 100" one in person and the pixels are really large. You would be better off spending a lot less money and buying a 1080p projector and screen for a lot less than that thing costs.


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