Suisun City Street Lights Need Help

Fairfield street lights are much better than those in Suisun City. This is a public safety concern.

For the past 20 years I have lived here, I have considered the street lights we have now to be inadequate in providing a uniform coverage for safety.

The lights have an orange glow and are inefficient. I went to the local car dealers' row in Fairfield one night and saw how much better those white lights are on the street and lots.  I see too, that Fairfield has white lights on most of their streets. I contacted the maintenance department in Fairfield to get information on their lights. 

It is obvious that a white light would provide a brighter and larger light coverage than those we have now. We are concerned about crime and public safety and how to improve our city, so I wanted to get an open forum about this situation.

I think if we would put the white lights along Walters Road and other heavy traffic areas, as well as residential, we would be much safer and could possibly eliminate the multiple lights we have now with brighter area coverage.

Just changing one area would prove my point once the citizens could see the improvement with white lights instead of the present fixtures. Considering the cost factors, it would take less power to run a brighter light over a given area than so many of these orange lights. Take a drive to Fairfield and see for yourself what I am asking this city to consider in making Suisun City a safer place to drive and live.  Your comments are invited.

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David Ryan May 29, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Laurie, you need to call Dan Kasperson, head of the city's public works.
Scott Corey May 30, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Laurie, I passed your comment on to Public Works Director Dan Kasperson yesterday, and here is his response: Suisun City received a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for traffic signal work. All signal control systems were upgraded on intersections on Walters Road, Highway 12 and Sunset Avenue, including the signal in Fairfield north of the railroad tracks on Sunset. The upgrades allow the signals to be synchronized so traffic can flow with fewer red light stops. Traffic engineers are adjusting the signal timing to provide better traffic flow. Traffic on the main roads was given priority so wait times on side streets may be a bit longer than before. The road sensors are functioning properly, but engineers are still working out a few programming challenges. Your patience with this process is appreciated. Scott Corey Suisun City Marketing Manager scorey@suisun.com
Laurie June 09, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Scott, Thank you for forwarding my inquiry and getting a response. I guess with just have to live with this now. There are many times when there are no cars going either way on Walters and the light is green, while I wait to either turn off of Walters or turn on to Walters. I don't think there is a need for sensors if they aren't picking up when a car is sitting on them for a few minutes. Oh well, common sense and government is once again over-ruled! :)
B. Smith June 09, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Laurie, it's not just there!! I think a lot of lights are messed up. We use the one at Lawler Ranch/Emperor all day long and it has been doing this for weeks. (Which I wrote to Dan about yesterday when I was finally able to AND remembered!) I noticed the one at Marina doing something odd the other day, too. It's bureaucracy between City and State programs that makes things on Hwy 12 take forever. I'm told the City doesn't control those lights b/c they are on a State Hwy. So we get to endure the extensive wait list of other Cal Trans work orders. "Ownership" of that stretch of highway is the same reason they don't have red light cameras at Sunset and Hwy 12, or so I'm told. Wish someone (with the power) had enough initiative to make that happen. The PD could write thousands of dollars in tickets daily at that light. I won't get on that soap box, though. ;)
DAVID CASEY June 10, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Bethany: Thank you for your concerns about the traffic lights on our major highways and city streets. I remember when Highway 12 was just two lanes. It took CalTrans years to widen it and it has an increase in heavy truck and automobile traffic ever since. The poor lighting on it is a safety hazard and we need to replace those lights with the much brighter lights, especially on Sunset, Lawler-Emperor and Walters Road. CalTrans has done nothing to get that corrected in 20 years. As for the traffic sensors, they need to expedite the traffic flow without delay since they are under Suisun City control. PACRATFLT


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