Young and Old Enjoy Family Fun Day

KROC center hosts "Toy Story" themed event

For fans of the movie “Toy Story,” there was no better place to be than the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Suisun City on Saturday afternoon as young and old alike enjoyed Family Fun Day festivities.

The center, located at 586 East Wigeon Way, hosted more than 150 kids and parents as they created 'Toy Story” themed crafts. They made movie characters by utilizing different materials, including plastic eggs, to create Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head caricatures.

“I just heard about this event,” said Gigi Jayme, of Suisun. “It's pretty nice for the kids dong the arts and crafts and they get to see the movie too.”

Nancy Magallon, a five-month resident, of Suisun felt the same way and attended the event as a way to get to know the community better.

“We're here for the new experiences and want to see what this town has to offer,” she said.

Magallon was attending the event with her niece, nephew, brother and her mother.

“This event is very nice,” she said.

During lunch children and adults ate hotdogs, chips and drinks. The children also played a game of Pin the Mustache on Mr. Potato Head while blindfolded. Some of the mustaches ended up on his eyes, some ended up on his cheeks and some children were actually able to put them in the right spot below the nose. Most of the children laughed out loud when they saw their results.

“We got to do crafts, lunch and fun,” said Jamie Lockwood, of Fairfield. “It's fun for the kids, it's free and they love ‘Toy Story.’”

Lockwood's son Gage, 5, pointed out that he has a lot of “Toy Story” toys and said that he was having a lot of fun at the event.

As lunch ended, everyone was led to the movie theater where they sat down to watch “Toy Story 3.”

The room was quiet as the movie started but the occasional laugh could be heard as favorite characters began to appear on the three screens in the theater. At one point, the appearance of Buster the Dog caused the audience to erupt in laughter.

“We have events going on literally every Saturday for the next few weeks,” said Salvation Army Captain Jonathan Harvey. “Our objective is to be the center of the community here and provide activities. Some of them, for the fitness center, have membership fees. This is a Family Fun Day and we want to open the center up and give folks an opportunity from the community to beat the heat a little bit and come enjoy some activities with their families. What we're all about here is celebrating and supporting enriching families.”

But Family Fun Day wasn't the only event hosted by the center on Saturday. The Festival of Hope, fundraiser benefiting the Vickie C. Hope Foundation, was also held.

“It's a busy day here,” Harvey said.


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