Patch's Best Easter Bunny Photos: A Funny, Adorable and Sometimes Terrifying Collection

The Easter bunny comes to town every year. Take a look at some of our favorite Patch photos of Easter bunnies in local Patch towns.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo
Is there a more polarizing holiday mascot than the Easter Bunny? 

At times the bunny is a source of excitement and joy for kids. Other times it more closely resembles Frank, the demonic rabbit hallucination in Donnie Darko, some giant, dark-eyed, darker-souled monster with giant teeth. 

So here we present to you a collection of Easter Bunny photos from the Patch network across the country— from cute and cuddly to, well, not that. 

TELL US: How do your kids react when the Easter Bunny comes to town?

Do you have photos of local Easter bunny visits? Share them on Patch by clicking the "Conversations" tab at the top of the site.


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