Let's Go Niners, Let's Go! (Clap, Clap)

Win or lose, it was a great season

I'm anxious and excited as I write this. 

On Sunday, at Candlestick Park, my San Francisco 49ers are going to play in perhaps the biggest game of their lives. They are to face a team that they already beat during the regular season, and were also beaten by the New Orleans Saints, the team they beat last week.

Back when , I had no idea that the Niners, under coach Jim Harbaugh, and especially with Alex Smith as quarterback, would make it to the NFC Championship game this year.

I'm glad that I didn't have to wait long to eat my words. And now, on the eve of the championship game, as the Niners prepare to take on the New York Giants for a shot at the Super Bowl, myself and the rest of the faithful are with them.

Win or lose, we have always been with them. The Niners' defense has been playing stellar all year; Alex Smith seems to have finally found his groove with the offensive weapons of the Niners including Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and the rest.

The Giants will be formidable opponents. Eli Manning and his crew took out the Green Bay Packers, on the Packers' home stadium, and did so with authority.

But I still believe the Niners are going to make it into the Super Bowl.

It's been a long time since the Niners appeared in a postseason matchup. In 2002, the Niners beat the Giants in a comeback for the record books. They subsequently lost to the Tampa Bay Bucaneers that year, who would eventually go on to win the Super Bowl.

Needless to say, today is a big day.

Of course, if the Niners fall to the New York Giants today, I will be upset. But you know what? I will still be proud of the incredible season that my team has had.

Cool factoid about this year's Superbowl: If the Niners win and the Baltimore Ravens triumph against the New England Patriots during the AFC Championship game, it will be the Harbaugh Brothers Super Bowl (The Ravens' coach John Harbaugh is the brother of Niners Coach Jim Harbaugh).

Can you imagine this epic matchup? The Ravens beat the Niners on Thanksgiving Day in a game that they shouldn't have lost. The Super Bowl will be time for revenge!

I'd like to close this column with something that our sports contributor likes to say (Peter covers the 49ers for the Fairfield Daily Republic and will be at today's game), Harbaugh took the team from mediocrity to Super Bowl contenders. Imagine what he's going to do next season.

Amen, Peter, Amen.


Shar January 22, 2012 at 10:42 PM
GO NINERS! Woohoo! Yeehaw! Beat New York :)


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