Letter To Editor: Seifert Stopped Rooster Problems

Rosie Enriquez writes about how Seifert solved a rooster problem.

Dear Editor,

In 2004, a gamecock rooster breeding mill was established a few hundred yards from my house.  Hundreds of roosters crowed from 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. non-stop. The roosters’ relentless screaming was destroying my families’ quality of life; a quiet rural road was now a nightmare.

My neighbors and I wrote letters and made phone calls to our Board member with no response. Finally we scheduled a meeting. He listened to the recordings and sympathized. We never heard back from him or his staff.

In 2011, a gamecock rooster mill started up in Supervisor Seifert’s District.  Her constituents inquired what could be done about the constant crowing from 500 roosters.   Supervisor Seifert researched the issues and round tabled with affected parties.

In response to citizens’ concerns, Supervisor Seifert brought the rooster mill issues before the Board.  Hearings were held and all parties were provided equal time to make their argument before the Board.    

Within one year, the Board unanimously adopted a reasonable ordinance which limits the number of roosters yet allows hobbyists, legitimate poultry farms, 4-H and FFA projects to prosper.

Supervisor Seifert is an intelligent and conscientious representative.   Had it not been for her quick response and interest in the wellbeing of her constituents and citizens of Solano County, hundreds of roosters would have continued screaming unabated.   She is an independent thinker and problem solver with excellent leadership skills.  I value and appreciate a representative like Supervisor Seifert who is responsive to everyday citizens.


Rosie Enriquez

Dixon, Calif.


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