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A Suisun resident reaches out

Vote for Mike Segala, a.k.a Mr. Suisun

This is an unsolicited letter on behalf of Suisun City Councilmember, Mike Segala, who is up for re-election on November 6, 2012.  I felt compelled to write this because Mike Segala, a.k.a. Mr. Suisun, (my secret nickname for him-now not a secret) has done so many good things for the Suisun citizens without us asking.  He just sees a need and works hard to fulfill those needs.  He obtained The Leaven, secures anything for kids to include their safety, he supports Veterans, Travis AFB, the Christmas Wreath Laying Project for the military graves, and he put up flags on Highway 12 this last 4th of July using his own money for all of those flags.  He supports the Senior Center, the Kroc Center, Mission Solano, and the Coastal Clean-Up.  These are just some examples that I have witnessed him doing on and off election years. I really have appreciated all of them. We of course ask of him as a Councilmember to represent us citizens when making decisions for the city to which I feel that he rises above those expectations.  He votes on measures before him with due diligence taking into consideration what is best for us.  I have observed many times at our city council meetings Mr. Segala asking probing questions about the proposals before them, most often they are my same questions, when other Councilmembers ask nothing.  I feel strongly that he is our voice there.  Another item that I really appreciated is when the Walmart opposition that includes myself heatedly fought the Walmart from coming to Suisun, even though he wanted it as much as we did not, he treated us with respect.  He is just a kind hard working man who rolls up his sleeves and does what he can because he can.  So fellow voters, although this letter is unsolicited, I am soliciting a vote from you to re-elect Mr. Suisun, Mike Segala.


Laura Calderon

Suisun City


Kelly A. Ryan October 27, 2012 at 07:52 PM
I totally agree Laura!!! Mike Segala is truly awesome and cares about the community as a whole as well as individual concerns of citizens. I called him when my son's frisbee went into the flood plane area near our home. The frisbee meant a lot to him since he had won it while viewing a frisbee competion and had it autographed by the host. Mike Segala took my concern very seriously and sent a city worker out to unlock the gate so we could get the frisbee back. I will totally vote for him again!!! Kelly Ryan


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