Napa Letter: "Evil is Evil"

Is there an ethnic component to violence and crime? Or does evil truly "not discriminate"? Tell us what you think.

Can you hear that? The deafening silence? Where are all of the online posts and comments about this recent mass killing?  

This deed is done predominately by Anglos. Period. I am quite sure that if any particular minority group had been responsible for these senseless incidents, there would be a host of postings and hard copy letters to the editor. Where are they? 

Maybe, just maybe, Anglos are rightfully ashamed. It has been my experience that Anglos are loath to fess up to any bad traits that they may possess.           

It's strange, when Anglos do these type of things, they are referred to as being mentally deficient. Minorities are referred to as being evil.  

Evil is evil, and does not discriminate.                                                 

We should be aware of the fact that most of these mass shootings are carried out in areas that restrict the presence of guns. The shooting in Aurora, Colorado is a prime example of that. I have several friends, one who happens to be handicapped, who can make a gun out of material that they have lying around. 

If  by some chance occurrence every American was required to turn in their firearms, no one can honestly believe that sportsmen, pure gun enthusiasts, or gang bangers would turn in their gats and ammo.                   

As an avid first person shooter video game enthusiast, I am quite sure that the Newtown killer was what is known in the business as a camper. These are folks who play games such as Metal of Honor Black Ops II online, find a prime sniping position, and have their way with unsuspecting gamers.  

I have a friend who has over 9,000 one shot sniper kills on Battlefield 3. Another, a Mormon got me into finishing Rainbow Six: Las Vegas with only one shot kills, as he did. They have never killed anyone. 

I have noticed that I have become more proficient at head shots by upsizing to a 73 inch HDTV from my 50 incher.                  

On a strange note, I wonder if this killer, in his twisted way of thinking, figured that he would spare those poor kids the pain that was visited upon him, or that he thought was visited upon him.                                               

Finally, recently the moderator of an internet website chose, in my opinion, chose to foreclose on common decency and published a vulgar statement by a poster that would offend even Andrew Dice Clay.  Rewatch that great dark comedy:  God Bless America. It is not what you think, and laments why we can't just be decent, just be decent.

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Belle (Orchid Lady) December 16, 2012 at 02:27 AM
49ers person- what are you trying to say? Your post doesn't make sense, maybe you have the same trouble I do sometimes typing on my tablet vrs. my keyboard? Looking forward to know what is you wanted to say, and to whom you are addressing it to. =)
Ash Leigh December 16, 2012 at 03:00 PM
I didn't like this letter, because of the comparison of games to life with gun usage. Games, like in movies, are for pure entertainment and are not very accurate. A bridge, over a 5,000 foot cliff, will explode at one end, and you have 3 seconds to make it to the other side to escape near death? No, that doesn't happen. Reality, you will fall instantly. I really like Belle's comment. You're one bad mama. :) I don't play video games. My daughter does. She doesn't allow me to even try to play with her, because I slow her up and make too many mistakes (the controllers aren't what I grew up with and fumble too much). In real life though, she would always want me on her team. I'd do a straight shot with breathing control and skill without a thought.
King Jarvis IV December 16, 2012 at 06:24 PM
E L: I understand, but the reality is that your statements are coming from a fully formed mind, not that of a youth's undeveloped mind. Unlike some of us, these kids, especially this killer who apparently lived in affluence, have never seen the real consequences of metal meeting tissue or skin. These shooter games now, especially the cut scenes rival any movie out now, graphically, and are in 1080P. Your cable channel does not even broadcast in 1080P, only 1080I, or less. We have had RAG DOLL PHYSIQUES in shooter games for some time now, where the AI, (enemy combatants), contort and react as do human bodies. HRM
King Jarvis IV December 17, 2012 at 03:50 AM
SANE ENOUGH.... this camo clad coward was sane enough to go to a gun shop and apply for arms. This pantywaist was sane enough to complete college courses. This fool was sane enough to drive from his other than 47 percent mini mansion and enter that school and be as evil as he wanted to be. He had his free agency, and abused it. If it was all about mental health, then you would see more women and minorities carrying out these mass killings. This clown DEMANDED attention, everybody else was getting it. He was sane enough to know that the mere outrageousness of murdering our most vulnerable, women and children, he would post mortem by proxy receive his attention. Sane enough!!!!!!!!!!! HRM
Belle (Orchid Lady) December 17, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Jarvis the guns used were owned and purchased by his mother. But, you bring up another good point...why is it that males are the ones who predominantly commit violent crimes with guns? Female's are more likely to poison someone.


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