Suisun City Crime Drops for 5th Year in a Row. Is Town Getting Safer?

Do you feel like Suisun City is becoming safer, or is something else factoring into the numbers?


Crime fell 17 percent in Suisun City last year, making it the fifth year in a row of decreased crime in town.  

"In 2007, the Police Department reported 912 Part I Crimes to the FBI," according to a release from the department last week. "In 2012, only 620 occurred in the City, representing a 32% reduction in just five years." 

To what do you attribute this drop? Do you feel like Suisun City is becoming safer, or is something else factoring into the numbers? 

Here's more from the Suisun City Police Department: 

Reductions in serious property crime led the overall decline with burglaries falling by 35% and thefts being reduced by 18%.

Violent crime, such as rape, robbery and aggravated assault, was reduced by 11% overall, and continued to be a rare occurrence in Suisun City. Only 58 incidents of serious violent crime against people were reported in 2012.

The continued reduction in the crime rate is the result of enhanced street patrols and crime response, as well as consistent proactive work by police officers and civilian staff, Police Chief Ed Dadisho said.

“We have built a very strong community partnership over the years, and focus our efforts on proactive enforcement in our Patrol Division, tracking crime trends, aggressively investigating crime and addressing quality of life issues through our Code Enforcement Division,” Chief Dadisho said.

Proactive enforcement by patrol officers is key to Suisun City’s success in reducing criminal activity. In 2012, Suisun City police officers

  • Responded to 25,483 calls for service – 50% of which were officer initiated
  • Issued 2,627 citations
  • Made 985 arrests
  • Conducted 757 field interviews

Chief Dadisho also reported that officer response times to 911 emergency calls improved by 25 seconds with officers on an emergency scene within three minutes of being dispatched, on average.

For non-emergency calls, a police officer arrives on scene in about four minutes.

The partnership between the Police Department and the community, through programs like Neighborhood Watch and events like National Night Out, are a key in pursuing crime-free neighborhoods.

Explore this website for more on how to partner with the Police Department, find detailed crime maps, contact your assigned beat officer and much more.


alan February 21, 2013 at 11:23 AM
We have a very responsive police force, and yes I believe the town is getting safer. I have been walking my dog all around the Pintail area, well after midnight, most every night for about five months. There has been only one incident where I was threatened. I called the police and they had the guy in a matter of minutes. I would like an update on the murder from last year that occurred on Cackling Dr. Police Chief Ed Dadisho told us an arrest should be coming soon, when he spoke at a public meeting concerning crime in the city.


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