Suisun City Man Arrested for Attempted Burglary

Fled from officers on foot through backyards before being caught.

A Suisun City man was arrested by police Wednesday morning after allegedly attempting to rob a home on Coral Lane.

At about 8:19 a.m., Timothy White, 23, of Suisun was taken into custody after an alert resident called 911 and reported seeing a man going into the backyard of a residence on the 90 block of Coral Lane, in Suisun.

“An officer arrived at the scene and saw the suspect fleeing into the street,” said Sgt. Andrew White of the Suisun City Police Department. “The officer chased the suspect down the street and he ran into a residence where he was staying.”

Sgt. White added, additional officers arrived on scene and surrounded the residence. A person inside the residence opened the door and at the same time, Timothy fled out of the back of the house.

“The suspect climbed the fence into Chipman Lane where another officer detained him,” Sgt. White said. “The suspect had a minor injury, believed to be sustained when he was fleeing.”

Sgt. White also said that a broken window was found at the victim's residence but it did not appear that an entry was made.

“The suspect admitted to trying to break into a residence, “ Sgt. White said.

Timothy was arrested for attempted burglary, resisting arrest, violation of a court order and three outstanding arrest warrants.

Anyone with information regarding the incident can call Officer Platzner at the Suisun City Police Department at 707-421-7373.


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