UPDATE: Movie Theaters To Beef Up Security

Brenden Theaters in Vacaville is increasing security in wake of Aurora, CO shooting. Edwards Theater in Fairfield promises "stricter controls" on costumes.

UPDATE 4:41 p.m.: Regal Cinemas, the coporate parent of Edwards Theater in Fairfield, released this statement when asked about any new security measures:

Notes to media:

Moviegoers should expect stricter controls over character attire and accessories at our theatres.

Details regarding our security measures are not discussed publicly for obvious reasons.

We are not able to accommodate media requests for access at this time.

Standing policies, unchanged:

We reserve the right to inspect the contents of any backpack, package or bag."

The Reporter of Vacaville is quoting an assistant manager of Brenden Theaters in that city as saying they will increase security in response to the shooting in Aurora, CO early this morning.

Measures include increasing security shifts, patrolling the parking lot and not allowing in anyone dressed in a costume or a mask.

Read the full report here.


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