Vallejo Man's Car Used in I-880 Donut Incident; Man Says 'It Wasn't Me!'

Erik Dellafosse's purple and orange Nissan 240SX was used in the traffic-stopping incident, but he says he wasn't driving.


One of the vehicles featured in last week's viral video of cars spinning donuts on I-880 near the Oakland Coliseum has been traced back to a 35-year-old Vallejo man named Erik Delafosse.

But here's the thing: Delafosse says he wasn't driving the car. 

He told CBS News that he was at a car meet in San Leandro when a man gave him $7,000 to test drive the vehicle, which he was trying to sell. He believes that the man participated in the traffic-stopping sideshow while he was on that "test drive." 

"He was gone for about 30 minutes," Dellafosse told CBS News. "Then he called his friend [who] told us where my car was, we loaded my car in the tow truck, we came home, and then I started getting hella videos about my car doing donuts on the freeway."

Delafosse's vehicle is now painted red. He said he painted it because his car is now "hot," and he can't take it anywhere. 

Police have spoken to Delafosse, but have made no arrests and shared no details about their ongoing investigation. 

Joe Feltcher February 01, 2013 at 07:44 PM
Seriously. How about a REAL daily police blog. What is the problem? Call JB, take some notes and do it already. Without the police blog, this site is almost as bad as the Herald!
Kelly Martin February 02, 2013 at 04:06 PM
Justin, good job on the article. I think Mr. Feltcher here is being a bully and stonping his feet like a baby and we all know that's not how one gets what one really wants.
maryland February 02, 2013 at 05:59 PM
I hate it when someone knows they are breaking the law and can't man-up. The car is well known in his neighborhood and so are his early morning / late night doughnut spins. Man-up and build some character.


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