Fairfield Faces $7.75 Million Deficit, Further Cuts

City officials argue they need a new, local revenue source

Information from city of Fairfield:

On Tuesday, June 19, the Fairfield City Council will review a draft budget that outlines stark choices.  The City is facing a $7.75 million deficit that will result in further budget cuts if additional, locally controlled revenue sources are not secured.

Fairfield has implemented major budget cuts over the last four years and again in February and April. In April, Fairfield also declared a Fiscal Emergency.  The Declaration of Fiscal Emergency was an acknowledgement that the City cannot make further budget cuts without significantly impacting the quality of life in Fairfield.  The February and April budget reductions generated enough savings to balance the City’s budget in Fiscal Year 2012-2013, but not beyond. 

“We made tough choices in February and April in order to present the Council with a balanced budget for fiscal year 2012-2013,” stated City Manager Sean Quinn.  “However, after five years of straight budget cuts, the City is no longer able to cut its budget without eliminating programs and services that are vital to protecting the health and safety of our residents and businesses.”

Fairfield has already cut $37 million from its budget and eliminated over 150 staff positions.  Services that have already been eliminated or reduced significantly include crime prevention and fire prevention, recreation programs, building inspection, street maintenance, code enforcement, and economic development activities.  Police officer positions have been lost and a fire engine company is no longer in service.

“State takeaways of more than $44 million have taken their toll on our City,” stated Quinn.  “Fairfield needs a protected, reliable source of local revenue that cannot be taken by Sacramento, in order to prevent additional, severe cuts to community services, such as police protection.” 

The recent budget package underscores the fact that revenues and cost saving measures that have been implemented will not be sufficient to avoid further future reductions to City services, impacting Fairfield’s quality of life and long-term financial viability.

If the City does not secure a new, locally-controlled funding source by December, further budget cuts will occur.


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