Newly Elected Council Members Are Ready To Work

Suisun City Council is getting a new perspective.

Suisun City residents decided they were ready for change when they voted Lori Wilson into office on Tuesday.  Rebounding from a previous loss of 308 votes, Lori was more determined then ever to have her voice heard.  This time around, Lori took over 38 percent of the vote, leaving veterans Mike Segala and Sam Derting trailing behind.

Lori's “fresh, new voice” motto apparently struck a chord in Suisun citizens.  When asked about her win, Lori replied that she feels good and is “really excited to be a part of Suisun’s next journey.”

She is ready to dig into Suisun's budget to get a better idea of how the City is handling its finances.  Lori will also be bringing a family-oriented perspective to the council, making sure to inject that view from that start of every discussion.

Returning councilman Mike Segala will be getting back to business as usual. When asked how he felt, Mike responded that “winning another term must be more of an indication to me that I’m on the right track to improving the quality of life for the citizens of this city.”

Mike’s first order of business is to complete the general plan update and make moves towards insuring that the council has earlier involvement in the city’s budgeting process.

Sam Derting said he will definitely golf more. He is semi-retired and plans to help his wife with her business and to work a little bit. He says that "I will have more time on my hands to do what I want to do.”

Regarding losing his seat on the council, Sam says, “I’ve served the city for eight years with some great people and I’ve enjoyed it. You can’t take that away.”

loml126 November 08, 2012 at 03:23 PM
So nice to see a positive post-election story. Wishing all the best to our newly elected councilmembers and outgoing as well. :-)


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