Solano Land Trust Moves Closer To Buying Rockville Trails

A pledge and a grant are moving the agency closer to its goal.

Information from Solano Land Trust:

Just one year after Solano Land Trust launched a $15.5 million campaign to purchase Rockville Trails, the organization is nearing its goal with only $1.55 million to go after the State Coastal Conservancy pledged an additional $450,000 and the State of California Wildlife Conservation Board approved a $2.877 million grant. An anonymous donor has also pledged to match donations up to $200,000.
“We have had amazing support from the staff at the Coastal Conservancy and the Wildlife Conservation Board,” says executive director Nicole Byrd. “With their help, we are close to protecting this amazing property forever.”
The California Coastal Conservancy board of directors approved the first grant for Rockville Trails a year ago with a $3 million pledge, launching “The Campaign for Rockville Trails”. Recently they announced that they would increase their contribution by 15 percent, or $450,000.
"The Coastal Conservancy views Rockville Trails as a high priority in the Bay Area due to significant natural resources and the potential for excellent public access and recreation near Fairfield," says Amy Hutzel, program manager for the San Francisco Bay Area Conservancy. "Our additional contribution helps to fill the final funding gap and will hopefully be matched by others in order to make this project a reality."

The good news from the Coastal Conservancy came on the heels of the announcement that the Wildlife Conservation Board had approved a $2.877 grant. "We look forward to Solano Land Trust’s successful completion of this project and the new natural park that will provide the public with another place to get outside and experience the wild places of California,” says Dave Means, assistant executive director of the Wildlife Conservation Board.
Both grants from the state agencies are funded through bonds, approved by the voters to protect important habitat, watershed and recreation land in California.  
"We are working hard to meet a $200,000 match challenge from a generous anonymous donor,” says Byrd. "Donations received before July 15, 2012 will be matched, dollar for dollar. For those who are thinking about making a donation to Rockville Trails, the time is now! Please make your donation by July 15 and your gift will have double the impact!"
Last spring, Solano Land Trust purchased 330 acres of the property with $3 million in local open space tax assessment funds from the City of Fairfield Community Facilities District and Solano County Green Valley Open Space Management District. Funding sources for the remaining 1,170 acres include the Moore Foundation, Resources Legacy Fund, Syar Foundation, Brewster West Foundation, Rose Foundation, A.E. & Martha Michelbacher Fund, and individual Bay Area citizens.
Once purchased, Solano Land Trust will manage the property for public recreation, habitat protection and agriculture. Rockville Trails is located between Green Valley and Suisun Valley Roads in Fairfield, CA, and forms the leading edge of the 800,000-acre Blue Ridge-Berryessa Natural Area.
For more information visit www.solanolandtrust.org.

Laura Calderon June 13, 2012 at 12:24 AM
I look at that field and see how beautiful it is and I see how much Solano Land Trust needs money for that “carrot”. However, how far will they go? Was their souls up for sale when they sold mitigation credits to the biggest land desecrator of all- Wal-Mart? Irony at its finest.
David Ryan June 13, 2012 at 08:34 PM
Shades of gray, Laura, shades of gray.


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