Suisun City Council Candidates Will be Out and About on Election Night

What Suisun City council nominees will be doing on election night.

What are you doing on election night? Will you be at home watching the coverage? Or will you opt to watch something on your DVD instead?

For Suisun City Council nominees, election night will be celebrated in different ways.

As the newest kid on the block, Lori Wilson feels that Suisun "needs to involve fresh people in the political process." She will be hosting a party at the Marina Shopping Center on Tuesday night to thank her supporters and view the election results.

When asked if she's ready, Lori has said that she is "confident we've done the work we need to do." She says she's walked the city three times and has "laid it all out there."

With a background in finance and accounting, Lori's first order of business is to get a more in-depth look at the budget. She has a good idea of what she will be delving into, but knows that as a council member, she will have greater access and insight into the city's finances.

Sam Derting is up for a third go round on City Council.

He will be spending election night with his wife. They plan on enjoying a nice meal and sharing a good bottle of wine while they await results. He says that he is a "low key" kind of guy and this night won't be any different.

After picking up his signs, his first order of business will be to continue his work with local developers. Derting also advocates bringing a Wal-Mart to Suisun, as their business will generate not only jobs, but more revenue in tax dollars for Suisun. Derting says that residents need to be able to "spend our dollars locally, not in Fairfield."

Mike Segala holds the veteran title and is up for a fifth term.

His first order of business aside from the budget will be to help complete the general plan update. Mike says that Suisun is one of the few cities he knows of that has "not used our funds like a credit card." He gives credit to city staff, saying that they have done an "excellent job" but believes that council needs to be more involved in the budgeting process. He suggests that council be present at the start of the process in order to give the public "full process transparency."  Mike also believes that the state is not finished with their "takeaways" but says he is up to the challenge.

Mike and his supporters will be celebrating at Pane e Vino on election night, but it won't be a late one. They will be waiting for first response results and then call it a night so that workers can return home to their families.


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