UC Davis Confessions: Amusing, Anonymous & Often Depressing

A good chunk of the confessions are vague descriptions of love-life drama and frustration, posted anonymously for fellow students to see.

The UC Davis Confessions Facebook page was launched just one month ago, but it has already racked up thousands of likes – 2,584 at the time of this writing. That's more than the Davis Patch and Enterprise Facebook pages combined. 

Here's how UC Davis Confessions works: UC Davis students type whatever they want into a SurveyMonkey account and it gets anonymously posted to the UC Davis Confessions Facebook page for all (who've liked the page) to see.

Comments are being posted at a pretty amazing rate. Something new shows up every few minutes -- always anonymously, unless the writer decides to type in his/her name. Here’s the page’s description:

“Need to get something off your mind! Share your UC Davis Confessions at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2PPFX2X and all postings ON Survey Monkey will be anonymous even to the administrators. Remember to keep this a safe environment.”

You just type in your confession and click “done” to submit something.

Sometimes you'll find funny admissions or nonsensical musings. Most commonly, though, you'll find vague descriptions of love-life drama and frustration. The latter is the dominant theme, by far. It can be a pretty gloomy page. 

Example: "That moment when you realize that your girlfriend really isn't as amazing as you thought she was :(" 

Many of the posts are either profanity-laced or just NSFW in a way that we’d like to avoid here on Davis Patch. We’ve pasted a few below just so you can get a sense of the page.

What’s your gut reaction? Tell us in the comments below.

  • To all girls w/ a bf far away: there's always a chance he's cheating on you. Smh.
  • …im so stupid for not noticing you sooner and letting you go. I wasnt too sure what you wanted since we were just fwb it never occurred to me that you wanted something more. now you are with some crazy ass bitch who doesnt care about you bc what kind of gf would try to pimp out their bf while she has "fun" with other ppl as well, call it what you want but dude shes $#%$ cheating on you. now i just feel bad for you.
  • I think it's sexy when a girl who smokes
  • The truth is i don't have things under control and things are gonna start getting really bad if i don't start doing anything to fix it.
  • My confession: I don't actually read the Terms of Agreement before I agree to it. Whew, glad to finally get that off my chest.
  • why is it that girls negatively judge other girls for having casual sex? and guys praise other guys for having casual sex? its one of those things i guess I as a girl who loves casual sex is never going to under stand. its not like i do it irresponsibly i take care of myself so please dont call me a dirty $%#@.
  • Why do you never hit me up. We seem to have a good time when we do see each other, but I'm always the one to initiate a "date". Are you giving me the wrong idea when we do hang out? Is this one sided and I'm particularly clueless? C'mon though, take a hint. I've been shamelessly dropping them via texts and by other innocuous means. It's not right for a girl to make this much effort so from here on out, I'm not gonna text you to hangout, even if it means that I may never see you again. Girls shouldn't be the one chasing after a guy.

Read more UC Davis Confessions here and share your thoughts below this story. 

Justin Cox November 13, 2012 at 06:23 PM
It's probably just because I didn't grow up on social media, but this kind of stuff is odd to me. I'm guessing diaries and journals are things of the past -- replaced by blogs and social networks and UC Davis Confessions.
Pam G. November 14, 2012 at 05:04 PM
No, Justin, not really. Diaries and journals are for your deepest, darkest secrets that you don't want to tell anyone -- ever. I, too, didn't grow up with social media. We didn't even have computers! I just never trust my deepest secrets to anything that can be lost in the process. That's why I write.
Justin Cox November 14, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Yeah, there's no doubt people still use journals, but I'm wondering how many people from the next generation will use them. Kids are growing up on social networks in which information is constantly made public. I'm sure that affects their behavior and their concept of what should/shouldn't be kept private.
Pam G. November 14, 2012 at 05:29 PM
You do have a point there. Writing is a lost art. I have a teenager who is quite good at writing but does it all on her computer. She can't even stand to write thank you notes. For sheer flow-of-thought a computer is faster. But there is nothing like writing in a beautiful script. <flourish at end> :)


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