Bridge To Life Begins Its Next Phase In Construction

Mission Solano's residential facility moves forward with expansion plans

Mission Solano’s Bridge to Life Center is moving forward with plans for expansion.

On Monday the resident assistant facility began breaking ground and pouring foundation to add two more buildings to the site. The buildings will serve as a men’s facility and living quarters for six on-site caretakers.

“We have 24 veteran males that are living at the Bridge to Life center right now and they are in the buildings that were meant for families. So we will actually get the men's shelter built so we can get men into their own residence and the open up some of those family units to families that are on a waiting list to get on to the program.”

Currently the residence has five buildings on site, but they plan to have 10 in all. Men currently living within the family units building are either there with their families or are veterans. Malloy said emphasis for housing in the new men’s facility will be given to veteran’s currently living on the facility.

The caretaker’s building will be two stories tall. The first level will include offices for counseling. Caretakers will live on the second floor.

“It’s really like their personal residence,” said Malloy.

Future construction plans include a building for a chapel, day care, dining hall, education and administration. As buildings number six and seven start now, however, the project will need an additional $144,000 in charitable donations to complete construction. Nineteen companies have already contributed to the start of construction.

 “Each one of the different companies did something to help out,” said Malloy. “They discounted their rates or provided discounted material costs that saved us anywhere from 20-30 percent. In the case of the lead project manager, the contribution was more close to 50 percent, in terms of their donation.”

Malloy said prospective donators still have opportunity to have their name placed on various aspects of the project, including building fixtures, furnishings and landscaping.

“For the whole course of the campaign there’s different things,” he said. “If there are large donations, they can do a tribute to a family member and name a wing of a building or the whole building or in the case of the caretaker’s house, the first floor. All the counseling areas, all those offices, would be named after someone. Those are all examples.”


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