Salvation Army Securing Donations For Del Oro Campers

Where special camp to Grass Valley retreat was once hundreds of dollars, it may be now as low as $25 a camper.

Clarification: The Salvation Army Kroc Center Advisory Board is still raising money to cut camper's costs, Kroc Center officials said on April 24, so the story has been changed to reflect that.

The Salvation Army Kroc Center has pulled off another big win for the community.

It's signature summer camp experience, Camp Del Oro, was once $250-$300 per camper. This year, it could be $25 per camper. Sign-ups for 100 spots are happening right now, just as the Salvation Army Kroc Center's Advisory Board is trying to seal up donations that could lower costs for every camper.

What's so special about this Grass Valley retreat camp?

According to the Salvation Army:

Camp Del Oro is a Salvation Army summer residential camp offering six fun-filled days of educational programs in a wholesome Christian atmosphere. Nestled in the Sierra Foothill, in Nevada City, California, campers have an opportunity to appreciate nature in a well-supervised and safe outdoor setting.

The six-day retreat taking place from June 25- June 29 is now available for unheard of prices thanks to very large anonymous donations to the Salvation Army Kroc Center.

Contact the Kroc Center Youth Coordinator  at 439-7880 for more info, or visit. www.campdeloro.org and www.gokroc.org



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