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Email: teresa.miles@patch.com            Phone 203-200-9283 Hometown: Milford            Birthday: March 1 Bio: My name is Terri Miles. I'm a divorced mother of two adult children. I was born and raised in Milford. I think I was born with a camera in my hands, going from box and brownie cameras to Instamatics and SLRs and finally Digital. I began writing at a young age and always enjoyed both fiction and non-fiction writing. At 18, I dropped out of high school due to a lack of a couple of credit points that would have held me back for at least a half year after my classmates graduated. I went for my GED the following year. After working several factory and retail jobs, I fell into the world of journalism by chance. I was hired by Hometown Publications as a staff writer for the Shelton newspaper and proved my worth. I then became the editor of the Amity Observer where I stayed for 11 years.
In 2009, I faced my most challenging obstacle, a series of strokes and two brain surgeries in a six-month period. Maintenance medications keep me on track and these days I am feeling well. Patch recruited me out of the blue, when I wasn't even looking for a job. This job is a perfect fit, it satisfies my need to share news "as it happens" and gives me the resources that I need to cover everything in town. I actually had a choice of Milford, Orange, Bethwood or Stratford, and chose Orange because it is so close to home and I just love working with the people here. As far as politics, I always listened to the candidates and made my decision based on how they presented themselves and the issues. Like my parents, I am registered as a Republican. When I turned 18,  I followed my parents' lead and never bothered to change. Now, 30+ years later, I would say I'm unaffiliated. My parents raised me in the Roman Catholic faith. I attended a parochial elementary school and attended Laurelton Hall High School for one year. I still have my faith, but I do not attend services anymore. In Orange, residents are passionate about preserving the town, despite the busy business district, many still like to think of it as a farming town. Open space is an important issue, and personally, I would like to see Orange tread carefully when it comes to development projects. Being a lifelong Milford resident and seeing every ounce of open space disappear, I don't even feel like it's my town anymore. I would hate to see the same thing happen in Orange.  
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